Wings in the Wind holiday greeting
Wings in the Wind, Greteman Group’s 2015 holiday greeting, stands out with fun superhero masks that recipients get to color themselves. With the included set of colored pencils, of course.

Right about now we’re all being inundated with holiday cheer. Cards come pouring out of the mail sack. Generic messages crowd your inbox.

There’s a lesson to be learned from this avalanche. It’s a good time to stop and ponder: Which messages actually connect?

Bombardier Aerospace’s greeting card
Bombardier Aerospace’s elegant three-dimensional die-cut card finds its way to a prominent spot on many a C-suite counter.

As you open and prop up for display the endless cards, do any of them draw you in? Which, if any, do you actually read? Can you say why? Ditto for the inbox. As you delete immeasurable Good Healths and Glad Tidings one after the other, do any give you pause? Make you smile? Tug at your heartstrings?

Shine Through the Jumble

You sincerely do wish peace and joy for your clients, and the holidays are all about warm feelings and heartfelt desires for good health and an excellent new year.

But boring doesn’t equal sincere. If your holiday message – whether physical or electronic – gets lost in the deluge,

2012 Gift of Lift
Recipients are still playing with Greteman Group’s Gift of Lift from 2012. The box contained die-cut pieces that could be assembled and re-assembled to form all manner of aircraft – from the realistic to the fantastical.

your customers won’t even know you were thinking about them.

It’s too late for this year, but it’s not too early for next year. Use the cards and messages you’ve been getting as inspiration for your 2016 holiday greetings.

And here are a few of the memorable greetings we’ve done for our clients over the years. Perhaps they’ll provoke a eureka moment.

Meanwhile, have a great holiday. Come back refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to make 2016 even better.

Aviation clients – and even those who have nothing to do with aviation – couldn’t resist playing Greteman Group’s online aviation trivia contest. They also received a set of trading cards with handsome illustrations of vintage aircraft.
Signature Flight Support animated greeting
Each year, Signature Flight Support issues a catchy animated greeting that uses scenes and symbols from the FBO network to form a holiday greeting. You can bet flight departments the world over look forward to seeing it in their inbox.

Signature Flight Support animated greeting Signature Flight Support animated greeting

This column ran in the December 10 issue of Bluesky Business Aviation News.