Pop culture followers that we are, the design team was excited to hear that this year’s ArtAID theme would be “Heroes & Villains.” Almost immediately, we developed the AA mark, which doubles as a mask – an essential part of every hero or villain’s costume. Rather than drawing on inspiration from classic comic books and Pop art, the design for this year’s 16th ArtAID follows the more recent tradition of graphic novels, with bold colors and an urban grittiness. A stylized cityscape and atmospheric textures provide further context and offer a nod to the theatrical nature of ArtAID’s runway show. The design suggests that sometimes the line between hero and villain is thin and murky.

Art Preview Party TONIGHT!

A large part of ArtAID’s success has always been money raised from art donated by local artists. In addition to knowing that it is an extremely worthy cause, local artists know that many of the same people who attend and bid on art at ArtAID, are the same people who attend local art shows and buy work. So artists are compelled to donate some of their very best work to the event. Tonight’s free art preview party, from 5-9 p.m. at Harris & Co. Frame Shop/Diver Studio on 424 S. Commerce, will be a great chance to see the donated art before the event, and may well be one of the best group shows you’ll see all year.

Of course, don’t miss ArtAID this coming Saturday evening, Oct. 10 at the Cotillion Ballroom.