You know us creative types.

We find inspiration all around. Nature stimulates us. The budding sunburst of spring’s first daffodil. The glorious blooms of a June rose. The autumn blaze of sunset Rudbeckia.

These things just don’t happen. It takes a helping hand – or wings. (And you know how an aviation marketing firm feels about wings). From the flowers that paint our world to plants that yield our food, pollinating bees make it all possible.

This holiday season, we’re hoping to generate a bit of buzz about these winged wonders. Share some fun facts and hope others will do the same. The goal: to take simple steps that help bees thrive. Our writers, designers and programmers set to work creating an interactive site where in the midst of all the holiday bustle, you could just bee.

We launched the Free to Bee microsite in early December and invite you to wing your way over. To click, connect, explore and play. Plant a virtual garden for bees. Scroll over objects and little-known facts pop up. (I mean, are you aware that honeybees never sleep and their faster-than-the-eye wings stroke 11,400 times a minute?)

The site communicates bees’ vital role in pollinating flowers, fruit trees and crops. (Bees play a part in almost every bite of food we eat.) Whimsical graphics and playful animation serve to make the time on site fly and learning fun.

We issued a Free to Bee email to clients to let them know that in keeping with our annual holiday tradition, we’d made a donation on their behalf. This year Botanica, the Wichita Gardens was the recipient.  Its 18 acres of wildflower meadows, canopied woodlands, formal gardens and water features offer sanctuary for pollinators and humans alike. Botanica recently added hives, which produce raw honey from all the flowers guests enjoy.

But our site’s not just for clients. It’s for you, too. If you haven’t yet experienced the wonders that happen in and outside the hive, make your way on over. Celebrate our pollinating friends. Then share the site. Spark up conversation on your social channels by including #FreeToBee. And just bee.