Sarah Goertz recently joined Wichita-based marketing agency Greteman Group as digital director. She leads digital strategies, from conception through successful implementation for the agency and its clients.

Goertz brings a strong interactive background, from immersive web design to app development. Prior to joining Greteman Group, Goertz worked first at Cessna then at Beechcraft, now Textron Aviation. At Cessna, she worked alongside avionics engineers developing the company’s online engineering library and interactive avionics configuration tool. At Beechcraft, she served as digital liaison between marketing and IT. This experience makes her fluent in what she laughingly refers to as geek speak.

“Sarah can effectively communicate with the guys programming code and the folks sitting in the corporate office,” says Sonia Greteman, agency creative director and president. “She translates highly technical information so it’s easily understood. Equally important, she sees possibilities and understands how digital plays into and advances the marketing strategy.”

As a young professional working for an aircraft manufacturer, Goertz completed private pilot ground school, “in order to have a seat at the table.” The genesis of her lifelong interest in flight started with a childhood spent exploring her father’s high intensity radiated fields (HIRF) laboratory learning about the effects of lightening. Her passion for the industry has found a home at Greteman Group, which serves some of the world’s leading names in aviation.

Goertz earned a bachelor’s degree of science in journalism from Oklahoma State University. She discovered the power of the share after working as a feature writer for a mid-size East Texas newspaper, which prompted her to school for a degree in digital media. When she is not reading up on the latest digital trends, Goertz is busy keeping the Arkansas River clean and promoting development in downtown Wichita.