The desire for a community gateway befitting the Air Capital of the World led to the opening of a new terminal last June. And to the Wichita Metro Chamber of Commerce’s prestigious Ad Astra award. It’s only the third one given. The others: Exploration Place in 2001 and Intrust Bank Arena in 2011.

The award was bestowed at the chamber’s 53rd annual Honors Night on April 7. The chamber commissioned, and the Wichita Airport Authority underwrote, a video highlighting the passion, the planning and the people behind the effort. We’re proud of Sonia’s and our full agency’s role throughout the decade-long project.

Showcasing Past, Present and Future

The June 2015 terminal opening at Eisenhower National Airport included the public’s first viewing of our aviation-history display. The full-access, pre-security mezzanine transports you to monumental-scale, interior-lit structures with pops of color more typically seen on an aircraft factory floor. Aviation insiders will recognize our turquoise and primer green as the colors of protective coverings used to transport fuselages across the country and the green of unfinished aircraft.

The light-infused terminal space makes the history of aviation display and art installation above it look different throughout the day. The dichroic glass of Ed Carpenter’s wing-like, public art shifts colors based on the light for a dynamic, ever-changing display. Response has been overwhelmingly positive.

With the opening of Eisenhower National, Wichita gains a gleaming, aviation-inspired front door. People seem to love it. When you walk through the mezzanine, you see people interacting with the aviation display and photographing themselves with it. We’ve received calls from family members who’ve discovered relatives featured on the panels – and feel so honored by the recognition.

Take Wing With Us

We hope you’ll watch the video. And, even better, that you’ll fly out of this marvelous new gateway.

COVERAGE: WorldNews 4.12.16