Here in the Air Capital, we keep our eyes to the skies. And we do what we can to help deserving stars shine even brighter. We recently chose Sedgwick County’s much-loved science and discovery center, Exploration Place, for pro bono support.

Not only is Exploration Place celebrating its 15th anniversary, plans are underway for a new Design Build Fly exhibit. Its statewide leadership in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education has never been greater. Or more needed for workforce development.

What happens at Exploration Place is practically magical. So we conjured up some enchantment of our own and named it Launch a Learner. Our designers, writers and programmers created an interactive site that lets you discover little gems about Exploration Place and its mind-opening, possibility-generating activities.

Launch a Learner playfully communicates a serious mission. We need smart, educated people who can make things fly. By giving Exploration Place a boost, we elevate us all. Spurring innovation enriches all our tomorrows. Click and the fun begins. Share to launch more learners. We need them.

To visit Launch a Learner, click here.