When receiving his Living Legends Ambassador of Aviation Award, Travolta read from a favorite childhood book. On aviation, of course. Photo by John Wright.

Longstanding client Bombardier Business Aircraft made an announcement today that has us dancing.

John Travolta has been named a brand ambassador for Bombardier’s Learjet, Challenger and Global jets.

Few celebrities have Travolta’s aviation credentials and passion for flight. The award-winning actor and accomplished film producer is a licensed jet pilot. He personifies the corporate jet traveler – using his aircraft to make his life work. Filming in multiple and perhaps remote locations. Participating in a press junket involving the east and west coasts. Advancing his far-flung charity work.

In a press release issued today, Travolta says, “Business aviation has always made sense to me in that it offers flexibility, privacy, security and most importantly, timesaving – meaning I have the ability to keep up with my busy schedule and have more time for my family, which is very important to me.

“On top of that, I’m a pilot – I love to fly. Bombardier designs aircraft as much for the person flying them as for the passenger. I’m proud to represent their aircraft.”

Flying Fever

Travolta recently became qualified to fly Challenger aircraft – taking the number of commercial and business jet types he is licensed for to 11. Impressive. The industry’s taken notice, too. Travolta has been honored with the Living Legends Ambassador of Aviation Award and the American Institute of Aeronautics Foundation Award for Excellence. I had the privilege of attending the Living Legends banquet last year and must confess, seeing John “Broken Arrow” Travolta was among the highlights of the event for me.

Bombardier Business Aircraft President Steve Ridolfi says, “We are thrilled to have him as our brand ambassador.”

We’re thrilled, too. To not just have a spokesperson with Travolta’s charm and personality, but to have someone who knows aviation firsthand. Who flies the planes. Who relies on private air travel.

Look Who’s Talking

Today as corporate aviation seems to be under siege by Washington and typecast as a toy of the privileged, Travolta can speak with authority as to corporate aviation’s indispensable role in business. And, more specifically, the unrivaled value delivered by Bombardier aircraft, the industry’s largest and most comprehensive family of business jets.

Welcome to the Bombardier family, Mr. Travolta. And thank you for your continued advocacy for private aviation.