My path to marketing started with listening. Turns out, that’s not a bad place to begin. When I was a kid, my brother and I used to pretend we had a radio show. And it wasn’t just a hum-drum radio show where we recorded songs to a mix tape and bantered in between them, oh no. We had segments, special guests and planned topics. The proof is in the cassette tapes that are probably in storage at my parents’ house back in Oklahoma. 

If you would have told me back then that I would do something so similar as a grown-up, I probably would have fainted with shock. 

In 2017, my friend Megan Powers asked if I would be interested in hosting a podcast with her. The idea was to host special guests on each episode to highlight all of the different facets of the marketing industry. This was something that I’d never seriously considered before. However, I was already hosting two weekly Facebook Live shows, so I figured it couldn’t be much different than that, right?

A Platform for Learning
From this, Making a Marketer was born. We’re currently in our fifth season and we’re about to record our 100th episode with with a very special guest. Over the last few seasons we’ve covered all sorts of topics: customer experience with Dan Gingiss, captivating Clubhouse with Judi Fox, accessible marketing with Alex Heinrich , productivity with Erik Fisher, igniting innovation with Duncan Wardle and many more. 

With every episode we record, I become a better marketer. When we dive deep into a conversation with a featured guest about a topic that I may not be very familiar with, and later come out of the recording so motivated and inspired, I can only hope our listeners feel the same way. 

Recently we recorded an episode with customer experience master Dan Gingiss about creating shareable experiences. As a human whose passion is building community around brands, this discussion about creating a space for fans to WANT to be a part of something ignited my soul and reminded me that I truly am living my passion.

Join in the Fun
I encourage you to listen to Making a Marketer as a way to examine different areas of marketing that you may have overlooked in the past. The casual, yet enlightening, conversations make for an easy listening experience, and the caliber of guests is phenomenal.

Co-hosting Making a Marketer has been such a growing experience for me. I know that it’s helped me to become a more curious person, a stronger and more deliberate marketer, and also a better listener. One of my favorite experiences from this has been witnessing our listeners tweet out about their favorite episode or reading their posts about takeaways that have inspired them in their marketing efforts. 

If you feel inspired to listen, we’d love to know which episodes inspire you and why. Making a Marketer is available on Podbean, Spotify and Apple Podcasts.