Tap into Your Power for Good

Turn on the TV, pick up a paper or check out your social news feed. And it can get you down. Between the national scandals, natural disasters and nonstop suffering, it’s easy to feel helpless. And hopeless.

This gloomy landscape inspired us to do something different for the holidays. Our newly launched Be the Light message encourages each of us to channel our better selves. To crank up the warmth. To be the good.

Sometimes we need to be reminded of the power of one. Smile and people smile back. Lend a hand and start a good-deed chain reaction. I don’t just believe that. I’ve experienced it throughout my life, personally and professionally.

Do What You Can, Where You Can

Agency clients and friends will soon open mailboxes containing a Be the Light luminaria. But anyone can join the fun. The holidays offer a perfect opportunity to spread peace, love and joy. Do something big or small. Spend lots or not a dime.

For us, this year we donated services to Mark Arts, the former Wichita Center for the Arts. This hip, happening regional school opens its vibrant facility at the corner of 13th and Rock on New Year’s Eve. It appeals to a broad demographic: young and old, urban and rural, wealthy and those less fortunate, welcoming and uplifting all.

Make the Holidays Glow

You can dispel the darkness. Kindness is contagious. Look around. We each have our sphere of influence. How might you brighten your world? Let’s each Be the Light.