Attending EBACE? You have to check out the future at BBA Aviation (Booth No. 7030, Hall 7).

BBA Aviation – home of our clients Signature Flight Support and Dallas Airmotive – features an all-digital presentation that does more than simply convey static messages. It lets you interact with it.

Go ahead, don’t be shy. Walk up and give it a whirl. Want to study something more closely? Make it bigger. Curious about something specific? Drill down into the details.

Your (QR) Code Word
While you’re there, take out your phone and shoot a picture of one of Signature’s table cards. Not just because they’re so beautiful (we do think they display a definite understated elegance – but we could be biased). The cards display QR codes that allow you to connect effortlessly to additional, up-to-date information on any of Signature’s 100-plus locations worldwide.

Not familiar with QR codes? Here’s the perfect opportunity to check ’em out. They’re ideal for rapidly changing, complex information and special offers.

Tweet, Tweet
While you’re at the BBA Aviation booth, stop and chat with the friendly Signature folks. Can’t make it to the booth? Twitter will make you feel like you’re there. Signature is using EBACE to unveil its new Twitter initiative. Leveraging the power and immediacy of this social networking tool, Signature will let you know about service specials, new locations and just general news you can use – all in real time and accessible wherever you can connect to the Internet.