Did you know Kansas is #8 in volunteerism in the United States? That’s pretty impressive, but one organization won’t rest until Kansas is #1. That’s the vision of Volunteer Kansas. Its newly launched website offers a means to get there.

How do we drive Kansans to the site?

We tell them to Come & Give It, of course! Volunteer Kansas approached us to create a campaign with the same energy and impact as Do the Deed. And with Come & Give It, we believe we did. The campaign inspires Kansans to roll up their sleeves and make a difference. Improving the lives of their neighbors. And their communities.

The campaign kicked off with an event at Exploration Place on September 9 attended by 300+ giving-minded folks. A ceremonial chair washing demonstrated that many hands make light work. Kansas First Lady Stacy Parkinson, who shared her and the Governor’s thoughts on helping others, was one of the first to pick up a rag.

Check out our video animation to learn all the ways you can participate in this new initiative. And then decide how you’re going to Come & Give It!

Volunteer Kansas leader and energizer bunny Nola Brown