Our agency’s first major project 20 years ago was the Kansas Health Foundation’s annual report. We’ve done every one since. But two decades later, like us, the report has evolved. And the new all-electronic format is getting tremendous reviews.

Sleek. Dynamic. Accessible.

Readers report that they like how quickly they can navigate through and read the report. They appreciate the choice of dropdowns or a more linear page-by-page exploration. PDFs of the major initiatives and finances make critical information easy to access. The report capitalizes on the interactivity this digital format allows. Its style presents an evolution of the brand itself with flash animation, new photography and a simple-yet-elegant design. It’s a progressive piece for a forward-thinking organization.

Spreading the Word

The email distribution provided a similarly themed template with an easily accessed link. It also facilitated sharing the report with others. That’s been a benefit to the Foundation, as well. It’s now a simple thing to fulfill requests beyond the established distribution list.

Improving the Health of the Planet as Well as the Health of Kansans

The Foundation’s health-focused mission supported a more earth-friendly distribution. No printing or mailing had the added advantage of cost savings. No small thing in this depressed economy when every expenditure is scrutinized and carefully thought through.

Changing With the Times

Printed annual reports are facing extinction. The elaborate print piece that so elegantly relayed important information to stakeholders are now a novelty. Kudos to the Kansas Health Foundation for being one of the early adapters.