FlightSafety International. It’s a straightforward title. And it captures the essence of the company. For this year’s National Business Aviation Association’s convention, FlightSafety honed its message, simply stating: “Safety. It’s in our name.”

The FlightSafety name is well-known – perhaps universally known – in the business aviation world, as the long-time professional training leader. The company is justly proud of that legacy and the depth of expertise it implies. But it’s equally proud of its endlessly innovative approach to training and its leading-edge training technology.

This year’s booth seamlessly conveyed multiple themes. Within the company’s established, familiar brand, clean, bright graphics drew attention, while understated secondary messaging spelled out highlights of the company’s focus on safety.

Safety All the Way FlightSafety at NBAA

And that extends to the company’s very core. Everything FlightSafety does connects directly to professional aviation safety. Pilot training for the majority of aircraft. Maintenance training that emphasizes troubleshooting and prevention. Cabin attendant and scheduler/dispatcher training that focuses on safe operations. All of that makes “Safety. It’s in our name” powerful and memorable.

Videos took the message more in-depth. One video animated FlightSafety’s compelling message with motion graphics and upbeat music. Another gave a quick but informative overview of the FlightSafety Training Materials App, which is transforming training by replacing voluminous stacks of printed material. An interactive kiosk let visitors explore the app on their own.

The booth turned heads and presented FlightSafety as the modern training leader, resolutely focused on enhancing aviation safety.

New video showcases how training materials iPad app builds proficiency.