What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Except if you’re NBAA. What takes place at its turbocharged tradeshow ripples throughout the world. GiGi loves it all. From the grand-opening session right down to the last walkabout at the static.  And, yes, GiGi accompanied us this year. Did you catch sight of her? She cropped up in the most unusual places.

While GiGi was scoping things out, our team provided on-the-ground, media-relations support for USAIG and Colt International’s product launches, attended industry briefings to stay in-the-know, evaluated our clients’ competitors, and talked, talked, talked. We listened, too.

To Wheels Up CEO Kenny Dichter, whose bold venture is generating big buzz. To Honda Aircraft CEO Michimasa Fujino, who grinned like the engineer he is when saying his light jet starts with a sports-car-like touch of a button. To NORDAM CEO Meredith Siegfried, who does her father’s memory proud as she expands the company’s global footprint.

Honors for Harrison Do the Industry Proud

NBAA hit the jackpot by presenting Harrison Ford with its 2013 Al Ueltschi Award for Humanitarian Leadership. Ford played many heroes – Han Solo, Indiana Jones, Jack Ryan – but his real-life efforts propel him above anything on the big screen. And, his acceptance speech pledges even more to come.


“I have done what I’ve been able to do,” Ford said, “and upon receipt of this high honor I promise to redouble my efforts to be of more use, to try and make myself available for more of the good missions that can provide service to people in need.”

Ford and Bolen
NBAA President Ed Bolen said Ford “channels his passion for flight into demonstrating the vital humanitarian role that general aviation provides every day, in places all around the world.”

Harrison Ford at NBAA
The Al Ueltschi Award for Humanitarian Leader was created in 2006 in recognition of its namesake’s lifelong dedication to philanthropic causes. Ford accepted the award during the NBAA opening ceremony.

Not only does Ford deserve this honor, but his fame will help spread the word about the many contributions aviation makes to better our world. This award especially resonates with Greteman Group and our client FlightSafety International. Its founder, the late Al Ueltschi, devoted equal drive to humanitarian pursuits. Celebrating the industry’s efforts for good, said Ford, “can only help to bring credit and proper understanding to the role that general aviation plays.”

Visitors enjoy the Bombardier Challenger 350 mockup on display.

In celebration of Learjet’s 50th anniversary, iconic aircraft were displayed from over the years.

The Learjet static display gleams in the Las Vegas sunshine at NBAA.

Playing the Cards

Aviation was dealt a bad hand in 2008, from which it’s still recovering. But we saw many encouraging signs at NBAA2013. Things that will influence future aviation purchasing decisions. Positively. The industry holds some sure aces.