I’ve had some wild new-business calls in my time, but one I received several months ago ranks at the top. A client referred the founder of Anchor Risk Group to us for possible branding and website support. What made the call so out of the ordinary? I was told that we couldn’t use the founder’s name. There would be no team bios. We couldn’t include any service, product or location specifics.


Uncovering and sharing market-leading points of difference is our forte. How could we do our best job with our hands tied this way?

But as we talked, I quickly understood why. Lives could be at stake if we divulged too much.

Sharpening Skills at the Top

The founder won me over fast. Listening to his story gave me chills. I was talking to someone who has put his life on the line time and again. Who has literally made history. Yet he took no credit. Wanted no accolades. 

Soon our writers were on the phone interviewing active duty military and special missions unit team leads who’d trained with Anchor Risk and volunteered to provide testimonials and background. Like the founder, we found them to be dedicated warriors laser focused on the mission. And they were believers. They’d seen how Anchor Risk’s training affected outcomes in the field. They wanted to lend their voices, albeit anonymously, to Anchor Risk’s cause.

We became believers, too, and tackled this challenge with singular passion. Developing compelling visual assets. Sourcing photography. Creating a stylized, branded look unique to this incredible team. Maybe we couldn’t share details, but we could convey emotion. And this site does.

You don’t see faces, but feel the tension created by high stakes. Remote landscapes. Harsh weather. Small teams. Or one man. Alone.  We also share the immersive, all-inclusive nature of the training. The private, secure properties where instruction happens even in quiet downtimes and rest-and-recovery day activities from swift-water rafting to horseback pack trips. Everything works together toward one purpose: preparing elite teams for virtually anything.

A Mission-Focused, Critical-Thinking Approach

Many people have military experience, but translating that into effective training is a completely different skillset. One Anchor Risk’s founder has mastered. His highly customizable, proprietary process – called mBED™ – gave us a lot to work with in the site content. It emphasizes not just the pieces of the training puzzle, but how they assemble to reveal the big picture even in high-stress situations. The process also manages to decrease learning time while increasing long-term retention.

Anchor Risk supports U.S. special operations forces with training designed to overcome emerging security threats, hone sniper and reconnaissance skills, and build teams known for high performance, reliable execution and unfailing precision. It also works with product designers and manufacturers to develop ground-breaking, next-generation defense tools.

The newly launched site doesn’t begin to convey the fullness of Anchor Risk’s offerings. But it does what it needs to. To share enough that the person looking for special mission support takes the first step to partnering with Anchor Risk by responding to the online call to action.

The client gave us the response we had hoped for. He proclaimed his new site, “Bad ass!”