NBAA-BACE is the largest lead-generating aviation event of the year so we’ve got lead gen on the brain. A great booth design gets us every time – gorgeous graphics, stellar customer experiences and all the new projects you’ve been working on this year. We love your look, but your tradeshow setup can only get you so far. Are you missing out on prime lead opportunities? Consider these digital tactics to take your message from the show floor to a new customer at your upcoming aviation events.



Get Your Tools Ready

Aviation marketing teams create powerful product messaging just for tradeshows and put it on every advertising surface available – booth graphics, brochures and show reels. But if the message you worked so hard to develop isn’t consistent across your online and social channels, too, it will lose its lasting power – and lose you valuable leads.

Take your show daily advertising and turn it into a lead-generating landing page, using a form to pull in leads faster than a cold call. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly. Update your app with the new graphics and calls-to-action. Put together an event-specific social media plan – complete with your hashtag and show creative.

Spread the Word

We know you have your advertising space saved in major event show dailies, and, as far as traditional advertising goes, they’re top notch. Print advertising with strong CTAs and unique URLs is one effective way to collect leads – but it is just one way.

Adding online and social advertising to your media mix increases the reach and improves the longevity of your message. Run programmatic ads online. Make sure you’re appearing at the top of mobile search results. Geo-target the show floor and static display. Retarget your geo, demo and website audiences over and over – wherever they are online.

Fill Your Funnel

Supporting your event-specific message with digital marketing is a great step toward filling your funnel. Next, you need to measure your campaign. Tracking the effectiveness of your traditional efforts is difficult, or impossible. Tracking the effectiveness of your digital efforts is simple.

Set up Google Analytics on your website and individual landing pages. Add event tracking to your lead-generation form. Append your campaign URLs with tracking code defining your campaign source, medium and name.



With the right equations in place before the show, measuring the lead-generating power of your tradeshow advertising will be as easy as 1-2-3.

While it might be too late to make implement these digital tactics for #NBAA17, you can still add social media to your communication’s plan and encourage people to visit your website. And we’d love to talk to you about your digital media plan for 2018.