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Sonia Greteman Inaugural Inductee to Fine Arts Hall of Fame

Sonia Greteman, creative director and president of Greteman Group, has been named an inaugural inductee into Wichita State University’s College of Fine Arts Hall of Fame.

The newly established Hall of Fame recognizes the College of Fine Arts’ alumni, community contributors and teaching/staff mentors. The inaugural class serves as the Hall of Fame’s founding members. They will be honored at an event this spring. The complete 12-member group includes:


Joyce DiDonato, international opera star
Bill Gardner, creative director/design firm owner
Sonia Greteman, award-winning creative director/agency owner
Shirley Knight, award-winning actor
Samuel Ramey, international opera star

·       Lewis and Selma Miller, patron of the arts
·       Edwin A. Ulrich, patron of the arts
·       Gladys H.G. Wiedemann, patron of the arts

·       Jacquelyn Dillon-Kraus, professor
·       Mira Pajes Merriman, professor
·       Richard (Dick) Welsbacher, professor

“Being in the inaugural class with my former art-history professor Mira Merriman and the man behind my beloved Ulrich Museum adds such meaning to this already special honor,” says Sonia Greteman, agency creative director and president. “WSU’s commitment to art elevates our entire community.”

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