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Old Town 3-D Display Celebrates Wichita’s Maker History

Vestiges of a large jobber and warehouse district remain in Wichita’s Old Town area. It built up along the Santa Fe, Frisco and Rock Island railroad tracks. Our display honors this early 20th-century maker history with monumental-sized Keen-Kutter-brand and other era-appropriate tools. (The turn-of-the-century Keen Kutter building flanks the plaza. It’s now a boutique hotel with carefully preserved façade and distinctive brick tower.) Porcelain panels tell the story of the district, now on the National Register of Historic Places. Anti-graffiti coating keeps the full display looking good. Check it out next time you’re on the plaza attending a concert, going to a farmers’ market or just enjoying the space.


Art inspires imagination and creates dialogue. It makes people think and remember. Art builds a sense of pride and ownership.

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