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LawKingdon Architecture Rebranding

Wichita’s largest architectural firm, LawKingdon Architecture, entered its fourth decade with a client base broadened from retail to an almost limitless array of hospitality, healthcare, institutional and urban developments. But while its portfolio evolved, its corporate image had not. It was tired. LawKingdon also faced a growing challenge: how to attract the hottest talent to replace vacancies left by retiring baby boomers. A complete brand overhaul was in order.

Greteman Group’s team helped conceptualize and realize our brand vision.

LawKingdon Architecture
SVP/director of design

Show What You Know

LawKingdon is known for unmatched expertise. A high concentration of engineers helps ensure that large, multifaceted projects are completed on time and on budget. Its reputation is a great asset. However, a solid, proven brand built on an expectation of quality and fiscal responsibility does not necessarily connote an ability to produce innovative designs. LawKingdon needed a brand that lent cohesion, highlighted creativity and celebrated the firm’s unique strengths.

There was real equity in the LawKingdon logo: to scrap it and start over would have been foolish. Instead, we offered a fresh take by giving the logo and wordmark a facelift and dropping the stuffy “Inc.” We introduced a bold red-yellow-black color palette and a tagline that speaks to process and big-picture thinking: “Inspire. Create. Achieve.”


When an old friend says it’s time to present a new face, we dig in to uncover fresh material.

agency president
and creative director

Market Your Strength, Inside and Out

We applied the updated brand to a variety of media. A dynamic new website communicates the revamped brand while a new stationery package and proposal template provide day-to-day brand continuity. LawKingdon’s gutted and renovated office serves as an immersive portfolio. Down came walls. Former hidden river views deliver ever-changing scenes. Monumental-scale graphics tell stories. Everything works together to create an architectural showcase that’s clean, modern and collaborative.


Out with the Old, Good for New Business

Since a company’s employees are its most important brand advocates, an internal event and pocket-sized, grommeted graphic standards helped ensure team members understood and embraced the brand. Notched business cards encouraged ad hoc building of paper structures. Advertising communicated the new look and messaging. A soaring three-dimensional invitation lent a must-attend air to a VIP event that debuted the revamped office and brand to clients, city officials and the region’s who’s who. The response was phenomenal. People raved. LawKingdon’s invigorated brand breathed new life into this architectural institution, generating buzz in and out of the office. And helping attract clients and talent.