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Health and Beauty Retail Signage That Begins with Brandbuilding

Our support for GreenAcres Market dates back to its founding. Our logo embodies the fresh, organic qualities the brand’s now known for. Sunrays frame the broad straw hat of a young woman standing in a verdant field holding fresh bounty. Consumers can trust that the GreenAcres team carefully selects foods to provide the greatest taste, selection, nourishment, vitamins and minerals. If it’s bleached, hydrogenated, fumigated or irradiated, it’s not on GreenAcres shelves. Ditto for artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors and chemical preservatives.


Solutions for a Healthy Life: GreenAcres Market

As GreenAcres has expanded in Wichita and into new markets, including Missouri and Oklahoma, we’ve been there to help when needed. Most recently, it’s been to develop in-store signage and supergraphics for a storewide refresh that practically snaps. And adds to GreenAcres’ unique shopping experience and deep customer loyalty. It’s the place to go for earth-friendly, healthy food and beauty options.