Do you see your advertising agency in these TV shows?

Have you been tuning into the latest new show about the glamorous work of advertising: TNT’s Trust Me? If you haven’t, check it out on Monday nights at 9 (CDT).

Creative director Mason (actor Eric McCormack) scrambles to retain talent while battling competition both outside and inside the agency, while ad copywriter Conner (Tom Cavanagh) charms his way through client meetings and life in general. They think fast and talk even faster. The show grows on you.

Plus AMC’s critically acclaimed Mad Men series doesn’t return till July.

Can’t Wait Till the Smoke Clears

The third season (still on Sunday nights at 9 CT) will keep us Maddicts intrigued. Will Don Draper rise to the top of Sterling Cooper or strike out on his own? Will Betty forgive and forget? Will Peggy continue her rise to creative power? Will Joan Holloway…well…Joan doesn’t have to do anything but sashay into a room.

These shows share something in common with that other TV program that we grew up watching (at least in endless reruns): Bewitched (1964-1972). It, too, had advertising at its core. (We’ve had multiple ad execs confess their career choice traces back to Darrin Stevens.) But it, too, was always more about the personal drama. The interaction between people trying to solve a problem with a brilliant idea. One that would move a product. Or win an account. And would for sure dazzle the client (and the boss).

As the Account Turns

Along the way to riches, success and one-upmanship – there are many pitfalls. Budgets and timelines that are too tight. Clients that don’t trust bold ideas. Meddling mothers-in-law just waiting to turn you into the monkey she thinks you are.

At GG, We Talk Less and Do More

Trust Me does a fairly good job of conveying life in a big agency. But while we may laugh at Conner’s shenanigans and feel Mason’s creative angst, we’re glad our firm has a corporate culture that’s low on drama and high on output. Which we think positions us pretty well in this down economy. And as far as being Mad, well, that comes with the territory.