February 20, 2013

Wichita Eagle
Joe Stumpe

Emily Sylvester Brand manager, Greteman Group

Sylvester brings a variety of experience to her new job at the Greteman Group branding agency – artist, assistant paralegal, marketer and grain elevator employee.

“I was kind of a returning fixture at the grain elevator in Clearwater,” said Sylvester, who worked there in high school and college and whose father is a farmer. “I would keep all the clients straight. They would bring in their grain and I would make sure it went to the right account, and was being tested properly.”

Sylvester, 29, studied at Wichita State for two years before earning a fine arts degree from Gordon College in Wenham, Mass. She then worked for a law firm in Boston for three years.

“It was mostly just wanting to get different experiences – explore outside Kansas,” she said.

Homesickness and a desire to spend time with her four siblings brought her back to Kansas.

She started as an intern at Wichita Area Technical College in 2010 and was eventually named marketing and campus activities coordinator. In that role she worked with the Greteman Group on its rebranding of WATC to highlight the then-new National Center for Aviation Training. WATC is one of her clients at Greteman, along with the National Aviation Consortium, a job-training initiative.

Sylvester’s husband, Barclay, is a research engineer for the National Institute for Aviation Research at WSU.

Sylvester enjoys painting and has demonstrated her talent live at several local faith-based events. She says marketing “is a way for me to streamline the creativity I already had.”

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