April 11, 2013

Wichita Eagle
Joe Stumpe

Chaney Kimball Chaney Kimball, Senior digital director

Senior digital director, Greteman Group

A love of art – and sports – led Kimball into the graphic and web design business.

“I’m a football fan,” he said. “I’ve always liked team logos and how they carry the brand throughout apparel, uniforms and stickers. That kind of got me interested as a kid.”

Kimball grew up in Wellington and graduated from Wichita State University with a graphics design degree in 1997. He didn’t study computer programming or web design in college, but quickly learned them on the job. He worked for a couple of design firms and co-owned his own before moving to the Greteman Group in 2007.

He was interactive designer there before his recent promotion.

“Now I’m a little more involved in the overall look and feel – how it looks when it’s programmed,” he said of his web work for Greteman clients. “I still do the front-end design, I just don’t do any coding any more.”

Kimball said web design has changed during his 15 years in the business.

“It used to be you designed for a fixed (web) page and for print,” he said. “Now you’re basically dealing with every platform that’s out there, from desktops to little phones. You’ve got to be flexible and makes sure it works for everything.”

Kimball and his wife, Andrea, live in Wellington with their two daughters: Alexandra, 19; and Laken, 14.

He enjoys music and used to play keyboards in a band.

He said his children keep him aware that his business is likely to keep changing.

“I think the big thing now is mobile,” he said. “My kids, they have computers. They’re never on them.”

“Who knows what’s going to be next? That’s what’s interesting to me, too. It’s always changing.” © Wichita Eagle, 2013