May 24, 2013

Jennifer Szambecki Wichita Business Journal
Emily Behlmann

Twitter handle: @JSzam.

Twitter bio: Jesus follower. @BrantBenninga fan. @GretemanGroup assoc VP. #BizAv marketer. @RotaryWichitaDT board member. Sometimes runner. All-the-time food & drink lover.

Why she’s one to follow: Szambecki tweets some about Greteman Group clients, but she’s also politically informed and actively engaged in the Wichita community, so she drives much conversation in those areas. She promotes local businesses and events and is open to conversation on the views she expresses.

Why did you join Twitter? I started using Twitter when @rentz1 suggested I do so in 2009. Immediately loved the ability to curate headlines & content.

Who are your favorite people to follow? Non-local fave is @kairyssdal. He’s as funny on Twitter as he is on @NPR @MarketplaceAPM (to which I listen on @KMUW of course) … Local #CantPickJustOne @XControlled despite unhealthy obsession w/ @altonbrown & @ICTBiz_dmccoy despite pics of ppl eating.

What’s your top tip for using Twitter effectively? Want to get retweeted? Keep tweets short. #TakingMyOwnAdvice.

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