Maybe it’s the incessant rain. The daily news of yet more layoffs. The friends recently diagnosed with cancer. Whatever the reason, driving by Century II this morning, the sight of tents raised and River Festival banners unfurled filled me with relief and appreciation.

Since moving to Wichita 19 years ago, I’ve made many memories along the riverbanks. I’m like a child (or my Dad, the biggest kid of all) when it comes to fireworks, and the festival has some of the best. But more than anything, this party by the river is a chance to throng to the city core, eastsiders and westsiders meeting in the middle. Checking out the vendors. Listening to music. Seeing what’s new in the food court. Walking. Walking. Walking some more.

The sights and sounds have become familiar. So have the faces. The festival feels like home. And right now, that’s a wonderful, comforting place to be. Hope to see you there.

Get Your Groove On

May 8-16
Click here to check out the River Festival website.