Greteman Group, a Wichita-based marketing communications agency, has completed a dynamic new campaign and branding for the National Aviation Consortium (NAC).

The consortium is funded by a $15 million grant that is part of the U.S. Department of Labor Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training (TAACCCT) initiative. It serves to bridge the gap between manufacturers and workers. NAC partners with aviation industry employers to develop a standardized curriculum for training, while providing relevant and accelerated programs for unfilled aviation manufacturing positions.

To spread news of the consortium and its opportunities, a portion of NAC’s funding was allotted for outreach. Earlier this year, NAC conducted a request-for-proposal process and selected Greteman Group, a Wichita-based marketing agency, for support.

“Greteman Group’s expertise in both marketing and aviation dovetailed perfectly with our outreach needs,” said Denise Pfeifer, NAC project manager. “We were thrilled to have them on board and have enjoyed their creative direction.”

A Brand Built to Soar

Through a collaborative process, five NAC colleges across the country and Greteman Group agreed on the campaign’s overarching messages. Move Yourself Up speaks to students eager to climb high. Trained and Ready addresses employers by showing how NAC programs train students for real jobs available now. The tagline Education With a Flight Plan unites both the student and employer-focused themes.

NAC’s new visuals convey movement and suggest success. Graphic arrows shoot up into the sky. Aircraft ascend, as do individuals. And a logo that suggests a pathway rising above the horizon, speaks to both aviation and the future. The visuals are put in motion through two targeted :30 TV commercials with images that pop with vibrant colors and compelling animation. NAC’s branding was designed for a diverse set of outreach materials.

“The National Aviation Consortium plays such an important role in the future of aviation manufacturing,” says Sonia Greteman, Greteman Group president and creative director. “We knew we had to create a brand that supported the magnitude of the NAC’s mission. These colleges can and will change the face of aviation training. And not a moment too soon.”

Watch for NAC’s National Campaign

The consortium – which includes Wichita Area Technical College (Wichita, Kan.), Ivy Tech Community College (Ft. Wayne, Ind.), Guilford Technical Community College (Jamestown, N.C.), Tulsa Community College (Tulsa, Okla.) and Edmonds Community College (Lynnwood, Wash.) – now has a dynamic, customizable campaign with valuable outreach tools that include TV, radio, print, outdoor and social media.

“Greteman Group understands aviation and immediately articulated a strong vision for this project. Despite the challenge of working for a client comprised of consortium members in five states, the Greteman team listened closely and deftly built consensus,” said Joe Ontjes, WATC VP of marketing and student services. “As the lead institution for the National Aviation Consortium, WATC thanks and congratulates Greteman Group for its excellent work on the branding and positioning of this exciting national initiative.”

Each of the colleges can tailor the collateral templates and messaging to their individual school’s needs and regional markets nationwide. Education With a Flight Plan is launching from NAC colleges across the country.

About the National Aviation Consortium

The National Aviation Consortium will provide accelerated training to more than 2,500 students to fill the current jobs that remain open due to an unskilled workforce in five states. NAC will use a sector-based strategy, building on the previous success of the National Manufacturers Association Institute’s Skills Certificate System, and expanding it with six aviation endorsed manufacturing credentials. NAC will use the emerging success model to stack and lattice aviation credentials, utilize high quality online aviation learning modules, implement transfer and articulation agreements, and align with industry and college partners. A fifth critical deliverable is a national consensus of aviation manufacturers on national standard aviation credentials to increase the competitiveness of U.S. companies in this essential sector. Consortium members include Wichita Area Technical College, Tulsa Community College, Ivy Tech Community College, Guilford Technical Community College and Edmonds Community College. Wichita Area Technical College is consortium leader and is based in Wichita. Kan. For more information, please visit

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