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Signature Renew Fuels Change

Business aviation set an aggressive goal of net-zero emissions by 2050, making sustainability an urgent marketplace mandate. Signature Flight Support turned to us to promote its latest environmental efforts and demonstrate leadership as the first global FBO to offer business aviation a permanent supply of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). We helped name, brand and launch the companywide initiative: Signature Renew.


Showing Not Telling

We worked with Signature’s team to develop the fresh name. Renew quickly communicates earth-friendly, future-enhancing benefits. The conceptual logo can be seen as a stylized leaf, aircraft silhouette and even a fuel-pipe network. Teal and chartreuse complement Signature’s branded dark blue. We planned and conducted a photoshoot with dignitaries pumping the ceremonial first gallons at San Francisco International that captured images for the media and product landing page. We captured on camera interviews with the key players to tell our story firsthand. Our fuel truck graphic wrap was applied only hours before the shoot began, but all was ready when the cameras rolled.


Leveraging the Power of the Press

Press release support included writing, issuing and monitoring. We identified and pitched leading editors and reporters, who were eager to capture a SAF story unlike any other. It included supply through partner Neste, distribution through Signature and inaugural customer NetJets. Advance outreach led to front-page coverage in leading aviation pubs and 49 news articles with a readership of 2.3 million.


Using Social to Spread the Word

Social media assets and posts expanded engagement. Paid and organic efforts leveraged Signature’s four leading social channels to reach another 332,000 people. Signature’s legacy of environmental stewardship includes achieving the first LEED-certified FBO and hangar, so its leadership in SAF rings true. This is not a PR ploy, but a welcome green option when purchasing Jet A. Our strategic, creative campaign helped tell the story and reinforce that Signature’s here to help its customers realize their individual sustainability goals.