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Transforming Data Into Action

Aviation Partners and iJet Technologies – two trusted, Seattle-based firms – launched a benchmark-raising joint venture called APiJET. We worked with these industry leaders on brand development, messaging and rollout. A media day attended by a select group of aviation editors and reporters kicked off our public outreach. A briefing and demo were followed by a field trip to meet with Aviation Partners legendary founder and CEO Joe Clark. The day also included an important announcement: the first airline (Icelandair) fully deployed the service across its entire fleet.

Our service’s value proposition is all about using smart data to create smart aircraft. We’ve found that working with Greteman Group can be smart, too, helping attract the attention of the right people and publications.


Smart Aircraft for Smart Operations

APiJET’s data service turns an airliner into a Smart Aircraft™ (even a 20-year-old Boeing 757). Airlines tap into timely, logic-driven insights that help predict and prevent outcomes. The client had two big international shows just a month after its media launch. First, the Airline & Aerospace MRO and Flight Ops IT Conference in Amsterdam, then the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Aviation Data Symposium & AI Lab in Berlin. APiJET’s live demo at IATA created buzz at the show while live-tweeting provided a one-stop image and information resource for news organizations on social media.