April 1, 1989 – 20 years ago today – we launched Greteman Group. That first decade passed in a business-generating, round-the-clock-designing blur. I think back on the pace we set and wonder how we did it. Dashing around the office, hair aflame, obsessing over big ideas and small details. Our tight group developed a reputation for delivering top-flight creative, on time and on budget.

The next 10 years brought more staff and full-service capabilities. The workload grew with our team and frequent travel kept us all hopping – serving clients from Miami to Montreal, New York to Seattle. An amazing list of companies have trusted us to create their brands. I thank the clients and the team who’ve made this journey such a thrilling, fulfilling flight. Our Altitude Attitude positioning has never felt so right. No foolin.’

What will the next 10 years bring? We’ll let you know.

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