We’ve started planning our holiday GG team activities. (Sorry, super secret for the moment, but we’ll be sure to share details later.) All this how-can-we-make-the-world-better thinking has got us, well, thinking.

If you’re stretching a bit more this holiday season and maybe looking for a new outlet for making a difference, we hope you’ll consider some of these worthy causes supported by our clients.

Give Kids the World (GKTW)

Every year Signature Flight Support helps make magical memories for children with life-threatening illnesses and their families. The GKTW 70-acre Orlando-based resort – design-built for children with special needs – has brightened the lives of more than 88,000 families from around the world.


FlightSafety International founder Al Ueltschi has long championed this wonderful organization and serves as chairman of the ORBIS International Board of Directors. As many as 28 million people worldwide have blindness that could have been prevented or treated (out of a total blind population of 37 million). ORBIS takes treatment to where it’s most needed – developing countries, where 90 percent of these cases reside.

Or that you’ll consider spreading the joy to some nonprofit clients we’ve had the privilege of working with.

Kansas Children’s Service League

KCSL has been helping Kansas children and their families since 1893 – working to keep children safe, families strong and communities engaged. Its Kids Now! program helps children in foster care by providing funds for everything from school supplies and graduation gowns to athletic shoes and music lessons.


This incredible organization provides choices and resources for people who are blind or low vision. And has for 77 years. It uniquely combines employment opportunities with rehabilitation services and public outreach. Your gift can provide training that enables a senior to stay in her home, adaptive aides for a student with impaired vision, education that helps prevents blindness and much more.