I spoke to a college communications class the other day and a student asked, “Do you check out job applicants online?” My answer, “Absolutely. We wouldn’t hire anyone today without first doing a search.” Doing so has revealed everything from undisclosed criminal records and anger-management issues to professional and nonprofit activities that confirmed our initial positive impression. If you’ve done something, it lives on. Documented somewhere on the web.

Have You Googled Yourself Lately?

If you’re wondering how to start better managing – or even creating – your online brand, spend some time with this recent article in the New York Times. It provides some practical, but valuable tips on defining your focus, keeping on top of your activities and building community. Know your strategy – what are you trying to achieve? Are your online actions taking you toward that goal? Just What

Exactly Is Your Brand?

We don’t have to be graduating seniors to take stock of our brands. Maybe you’re wanting a promotion. Readying yourself for a career change. Or just wanting to do a little brand spring-cleaning. You know this stuff. But it doesn’t hurt to be reminded every now and then.