November 8, 2012 BlueSky Business Aviation News

Lindbergh Foundation announces Aviation Green Alliance awareness campaign
The Charles A. and Anne Morrow Lindbergh Foundation’s Aviation Green Alliance is running a five month awareness campaign to highlight advances in green aviation. The campaign, carried in most major aviation publications, begins this month with an informational ad about Joe Clark, Aviation Partners Inc., and Blended WingletTM technology. The Foundation’s Aviation Green Alliance, whose vision is progress through balance, is using the ad campaign to bring awareness to the aviation community of the significant technological advances that have been made in the last 35 years that have also benefited the environment. The campaign features full page informational ads which will run from November 2012 through March 2013. The ads will feature the stories of the individuals behind the initiatives and highlight the significant contributions that they have made. The Foundation announced that its December ad will feature Burt Rutan, and his work on composites.

Space for the ads was donated by the many publications carrying the series, which include FLYING, Professional Pilot, AOPA Pilot, Sport Aviation, Aviation Week, Space Technology, Business and Commercial Aviation, Aviation International News, AircraftOwner Online, Flight International, and Trade-a-Plane. The ad series’ concept, copywriting and design were donated by the Greteman Group.“We’re honored to partner with the Lindbergh Foundation on an environmental initiative designed to both celebrate past advances and inspire future ones,” says Sonia Greteman, agency president and creative director. “Innovation and ingenuity can help achieve what we all want: blue skies and fields of green.”

“This year the Lindbergh Foundation celebrates its 35th anniversary,” said Lindbergh Foundation Chairman John Petersen. “As part of that celebration, we are presenting this awareness campaign to show the great strides that the aviation industry has made during that time in fostering breakthroughs that have resulted in significant benefits for the environment. The Foundation is extremely grateful for the generosity and support provided by the participating publications and the Greteman Group. We believe that this campaign will go a long way toward changing what our community thinks about our contribution to making the planet a better place to live.”

Aviation Green Alliance The Lindbergh Foundation leads the aviation community to encourage and acknowledge innovation that balances the advances of technology with the needs of the environment. Through its Aviation Green AllianceTM, it brings together corporations, organizations and individuals to facilitate innovations that enhance all aspects of flying while benefiting the planet and quality of life. AGA is interested in initiatives that create solutions such as cleaner fuels, noise reduction, fuel efficiency, reduced drag, greater aircraft operating efficiencies, more sustainable buildings and business practices, and reduced contamination of the air and earth.

AGA is focused on producing unambiguous benefits for the aviation community and the environment. AGA achieves its goals throughout the year with very practical, substantive, value- producing initiatives. “Aviation Green Alliance is creating common conversations and initiatives to benefit aviation and humanity,” said Yolanka Wulff, Lindbergh Foundation Executive Director. “Through programs such as this awareness campaign, we want to highlight the environmental implications of flight and to begin to change the internal perception within the aviation industry about the level of engagement and accomplishment that has been and continues to be active in almost every significant player.”

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