The Wichita Business Journal named Greteman Group one of its “Best Places to Work,” an award strongly based on anonymous employee feedback. We each received an online survey to fill out. No opportunity for PR spin. Simply honest critiques on how team members feel about working here.

This honor highlights how the agency’s Altitude Attitude philosophy is not just a branding message. We live it. Each of us brings unique attitude to our job and work environment. That allows us to reach maximum altitude both as individuals and as an agency. Which makes working here pretty darn great.

Earning My Wings

I joined our team six years ago. At the time I’d been a client for two years. It was exciting to leave Corporate America (though I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything) and to sit on the other side of the table. When I walked through Greteman Group’s door, I had no idea how much I didn’t know. Luckily, I’ve always had an incredible team around me, providing guidance and a safety net. Over the years, I’ve been given a chance to test my wings in numerous areas, to sit in the right seat, and, on occasion, to take the left. I like my personal flight plan and the agency’s.

A Planned Approach

This week I was promoted to our chief operating group – or COG – which provides strategic leadership for the agency. Further proof that we have no ceiling here. There are endless opportunities for those who call this place home.

While the current economy is creating incredible turbulence, there’s blue sky above the clouds.