We do a lot of thinking about new business and what we look for in a new client. Which makes us think that current and prospective clients probably give equal thought to what they’d ideally like in an agency.

We’ll show you our list if you show us yours.

  1. Forego the RFP. Start the relationship right. Check out what we’ve done for others. Meet with us and see if the chemistry’s right. Listen to what we might do for you. If the stars seem to be aligning, give us a project and see if we can deliver on our promise.
  2. Be our partner. Share the good, bad and the ugly. The more we understand your objectives, sales goals, challenges and budgets, the more strategic we can be. Don’t’ try to shield us from information overload. Truly, we can take it.
  3. Give us feedback.We crave it. And we need it. It’s how we get better. And celebrating successes keeps us your highly motivated, able-to-leap-buildings-in-a-single-bound dream team.
  4. Build in planning time.We like to step back and lay out a rough plan for the upcoming 12 months. That way we can prioritize, integrate efforts and maximize budgets. It also helps us staff appropriately so we have the expertise and horsepower when needed. And planning doesn’t just happen once a year. We develop creative briefs, estimate jobs and secure approvals – all before a project ever begins. Planning upfront helps us reduce missteps and mistakes, inefficiencies and cost overruns. And the final project is so much better when it’s not developed in panic mode.
  5. Trust our expertise.Hopefully you’re relying on us as an agency because you believe we have unique marketing skills – and not because you think you’re too busy to do it yourself. We promise to listen to you and to depend on you as the ultimate, knowledgeable guardian of your brand. Have faith in our ability to communicate your message. Powerfully. Passionately. Persuasively.
  6. Tell it to us straight.On occasion, difficult conversations need to take place. If they don’t, misunderstandings build walls where there should be none. We’re on your side. If you’re miffed, tell us, not your colleague or wife. We’ll do our best to straighten it out.
  7. Respect our team.We understand an occasional late night or weekend gotta-have-it emergency. It’s inherent to the business. But chronic end-of-day calls with changes that have to be made by the next morning’s 9:00 meeting zap the team. Help us help you by developing strategies to avoid always running defense.
  8. Strive for greatness.We want to win. To help you win. Allow us to explore. Push boundaries. Take risks. Let us elevate you above the competition. We call our strategic planning process Ascend. It’s not just something on paper. That drive permeates our culture. Expect our best.
  9. Assign a primary contact.We’re happy to work with multiple members of your team, but have one person who can navigate your internal politics to advance projects and see them through to their successful end.
  10. Laugh with us. Let’s sell goods, change minds, capture hearts – whatever it takes to make your business optimally successful. If we can also keep things light, even when the situation gets tense, work feels, well, less like work.