WICHITA, Kansas – Greteman Group announces the appointment of Julie Rains to project manager at the aviation-focused marketing agency. Rains assists in overseeing the workflow and resources associated with agency tasks, ensuring efficiency and quality remain top-level from start to finish.

With a background infused with event planning and project management, Rains draws decades of experience in simultaneously coordinating various components, people and details toward successful completion. For 15 years, she developed and directed events – over 3,000 of them – for an international financial company before starting her own business assisting clients with marketing and advertising needs.  

“Julie’s organizational and managerial experience performs seamlessly in the agency environment,” says Jennifer Herring, vice president and project manager. “In a role that requires constant communication and collaboration among team members, she brings a bright and welcomed attitude to the office. An agency depends on managers like Julie to guide, grow and deliver results.”

In keeping aligned with set objectives, timing and budgets, Rains informs and connects the Greteman Group team, ensuring all remain in sync. She supports the agency in delivering marketing campaigns, brand development, tradeshow materials, collateral, websites, videos and other digital services to its clients.