Lewis Air Legends

Rod Lewis is a man on a mission. To own, restore and celebrate the legendary planes responsible for helping keep our country free. What started with a single T-28 Trojan has grown into an impressive collection of 24 warbirds known as the Lewis Air Legends. He also wants to recognize those responsible for making them fly. Not just the pilots, but everyone who dreamed, built, supported and flew these brilliant aircraft.

Glacier Girl serves as the jewel in Rod Lewis’ impressive Air Legends warbird collection. It crashed on Greenland’s ice cap in 1942 and remained there 50 years before being dismantled from its wheels-up position and removed section by painstaking section through shafts carved 25 stories (268 feet) into the ice. Since returning to the air in 2002 before a crowd of 20,000 gathered for the event, this plane has thrilled thousands more at air shows and events across the country.

Environmental graphics telling Glacier Girl’s incredible story have made it to some of aviation’s biggest aviation events, while the website does everything Lewis wanted. It frees him and his staff from fielding endless questions and requests for information. Plus, it beautifully presents his collection in a format that lets him share it with the world.