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Spirit AeroSystems, the world’s largest independent supplier of large aviation component parts and assemblies, came to us with a dual challenge: to attract and retain experienced engineers, critical-skills employees and entry-level, hourly workers. The ability to recruit talent from overseas, particularly China and India, is hampered by immigration laws and a surge in competitive positions now offered in newly booming markets.

We’re well acquainted with the personality types attracted to the unique aviation industry. You need a strong brand to attract and retain the right employees in this competitive hiring landscape. You also must speak to a geographically and psychographically diverse audience — from Millennials just joining the workforce to Baby Boomers open to new opportunities. That means tailoring messages to very different motivational needs and talking to prospects at places where they hang out, both virtual and physical.

Research that included qualitative interviews with each major target group led to a strategic marketing message that would guide all efforts: Dream Big. Make It Fly.  We looked at industry networks, recruitment sites, universities, training colleges, social media, internal referral and more to get the message out. A dynamic, full-of-personality microsite served as our key portal with testimonial-based videos sprinkled through it. The contrail visual provides a dynamic shape that reinforces Spirit’s design, build and fly process. Attitude-filled copy encourages engineers to “Put your brains in our planes,” positioning Spirit as a fresh, future-forward company. Just what you want in an employer.

Spirit continues to grow and recruit. It’s building a highly recognizable brand that resonates with its target candidates and ultimately leads to an increased number of qualified candidates joining its workforce.

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