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Rod Lewis is a man on a mission. To own, restore and celebrate the legendary planes responsible for helping keep our country free. What started with a single T-28 Trojan has grown into an impressive collection of 24 warbirds known as the Lewis Air Legends. He also wants to recognize those who were responsible for making them fly. Not just the pilots, but everyone who dreamed, built, supported and flew these brilliant aircraft.

We needed an accessible, dynamic website. One that would provide basic information yet still deliver a fun experience that could thrill both the casual visitor and the knowledgeable buff while inspiring the next generation.

The Lewis Air Legends website takes maximum advantage of Rod Lewis’ inspiring warbird photography. The home page presents a bar of thumbnails visitors can click to see the full image. Easy navigation allows you to go directly to separate pages for each aircraft where images page through a large dominant window, and thumbnails allow visitors to select specific images to view. A succinct narrative tells the story of that aircraft, and a sidebar describes specifications and armaments. The website prominently lists upcoming events where fans can see these remarkable aircraft up close and in person.

The website does everything Lewis wanted, freeing him and his staff from fielding endless questions and requests for information. More than that, it beautifully presents his warbird collection in a format that lets him share it with the world.

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