Aviation Work Highlights



Executive AirShare, the nation’s third-largest fractional aircraft provider, turned to us for branding and outreach that reflect its industry leadership. Insights quickly led us to capitalize on AirShare’s unique day-based program and exceptional shareowner experience. Our resulting creative positions Executive AirShare as the smart way to fly.


Executive AirShare needed exceptional pilots to operate its expanding fleet. Our solution: a digital campaign leveraging targeted placement, retargeting and direct buys – supplemented with social media posts – called attention to the company's tight-knit culture, its dedication to excellence and attention to details that create a rewarding pilot experience.

SmartSky Networks Branding

SmartSky’s team of industry-leading aviation and telecommunications professionals launched an inflight connectivity revolution. For business aviation and commercial. Delivering Wi-Fi that really flies. Changing air-to-ground communication with 4G beamforming technology. SmartSky lets you do it all: stream, chat, text and call.

Eisenhower Air Electronic Magazine

Wichita Eisenhower Airport's new terminal wows everyone who travels through it. So we created an emagazine that makes a similar, head-turning impression, alluding to the skies uplifting limitless possibilities. We call it Eisenhower Air. Social-sharing icons encourage readers to spread the good news, to help make the airport even more vital.

Southwest Airlines Campaign

As agency of record for the state’s largest airport, we do all we can to keep flights full and travelers aware of new routes and offers. For Southwest Airlines’ new connections, we developed easy-to-share content and a microsite to educate travelers on the added convenience and value. Our case was made: Southwest’s new connections are good. Really good.

What a Trip Promotion

Every trip has a story. Travelers shared their adventures for a chance to win a Southwest Airline's Phoenix getaway for two in our What a Trip contest. While promoting the new, nonstop route to Phoenix, the contest increased awareness of the short connection through Phoenix to multiple cities on the west coast. Now that's a story worth sharing.


It was an honor to create the History of Wichita Aviation Exhibit at Eisenhower National Airport. A series of six wing-shaped pods encapsulates individual stories where visitors can merely soak up the ambience or immerse themselves in fascinating detail. It's a true celebration of aviation that sends visitors on their journey or welcomes them home.

USAIG Safety Posters

Recently re-envisioned, the USAIG safety poster now boasts modern illustrations to detail the call to action with simple, impressionable storytelling. Our fold-out display posters nestled within full-page ads have the added advantage of not only initiating – but sustaining – the conversation. The ongoing series reaffirms that safety in the air is the responsibility of all.

Signature TailWins® Rewards

To help Signature Flight Support® elevate its revamped Signature TailWins® loyalty rewards program, we set out to make the program easy to use, and effortless to claim rewards. The result? Compelling advertising, teaser emails, booth graphics and more combined with smart strategy that guaranteed a successful launch and program.

Signature Holiday Card 2015

It's pure joy to spread holiday cheer for Signature Flight through the design of ecards. The inspired creations balance the message of the brand while offering music and messaging that soars with the delights of the season. The whimsical feel brings an element of festive celebration and adds creative, unique styling to the message.


Style, comfort and ease – all via helicopter charter – were immediately conveyed in this series. Distinctive campaigns featured two sets of creative highlighting AAG’s quick, affordable, flexible and safe travel. Our creative showed no matter how you choose to fly for business or leisure AAG, a Sikorsky Aircraft company, has a variety of options to fit your schedule.

Elliott Jets website and brand

Elliott Aviation's been around 80 years, but its new offspring Elliott Jets needed a memorable launch as well as a functional, eye-catching website. We helped push the brand straight to upper flight levels with a three-ad campaign, along with a smart, mobile-friendly website that's as fresh and innovative as the company itself.

FlightSafety Trust Ads

From technicians to pilots to aviation luminaries, professional aviators rely on FlightSafety training. So the company sought our help to demonstrate how even the brightest aviation legends put their trust in the company. The result is an ongoing campaign that tells the story of how the company earns that trust one day at a time.

Dallas Airmotive Ads/Branding

This new brand needed to reflect 80 years of industry leadership and ongoing innovation as well as commitment to cutting-edge solutions. Our new logo – a turbine turning into a phoenix – captures the essence of Dallas Airmotive. Dramatic photography and provocative messaging proclaim a modern, forward-thinking company.


At Signature Flight Support, people make the difference. From touchdown to wheels up, you feel their willingness to serve. Our campaign highlights this distinction. Real Signature team members stand out against atmospheric backgrounds to tell the story: These individuals go above and beyond.

FlightSafety Resource Center

People on the go need equally dynamic content. We optimized FlightSafety's collateral for the iPad letting us add interactivity, videos and more up-to-date content than print could ever deliver. It's been a big hit with sales directors and customers. Pull out your iPad, other tablets, smartphones or even your desktop.

Learjet All Hands Meeting Video

To celebrate several consecutive years of exceptional growth, achievement and transformation, Bombardier Learjet commissioned us to write and produce "The Learjet Journey." This driving, emotional video features Learjet people from every department telling the story of Achieving Excellence in their own words.

Bombardier Holiday Cards

Distinctive holiday cards for Bombardier Business Aircraft through the years made going to the mailbox almost as exciting as checking out what was under the tree. Our one-of-a-kind mailers include everything from a trifold snow-globe to an aircraft transforming into a dove. Joy to the world.

Clay Lacy Aviation Video

A video for renowned pilot Clay Lacy documented his unparalleled history as well as his premier business aviation company. We combined heart-pounding, archival footage with current operations from his esteemed enterprise to show why this aviation pioneer's impact on the skies continues to soar.


At Greteman Group we eat, live and play aviation. In 2013, our online trivia game was accompanied by a set of direct-mail collectable cards. In 2012, a 3-D kit offered everything necessary to design and create flying machines, which were then shared and rated online in a photo gallery.