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Sonia Greteman

President/Creative Director

German engineer and aviation trailblazer Otto Lilienthal once said: “To invent an airplane is nothing. To build one is something. To fly is everything.” Agency CEO and creative director Sonia Greteman shares a similar philosophy. “Awards and great work are something,” Sonia says. “Results are everything.”

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Deanna Harms

Executive Vice President

Clients just naturally seek Deanna Harms’ counsel. Maybe it’s her solid background in journalism, public relations and account management. Or maybe it’s the smarts she brings to every challenge. This is a woman you want advocating for your brand.

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Ashley Bowen Cook

Vice President/Brand Director

Managing a brand demands the multitasking skills of an air-traffic controller, the curiosity of an explorer and the personality of a diplomat. Ashley Bowen Cook delivers all three. In spades.

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Garrett Fresh

Associate Vice President/Senior Art Director

Garrett has a deep association with aviation. The very first time he was in a plane, he was at the controls. (In a four-seat turboprop with an instructor.) Turns out Garrett was a natural. It’s the same with design – he takes the wheel, files an inspired flight plan, then firmly guides the project to the highest altitudes.

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