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Marketing by the Numbers: Don’t Abandon Your Knowledge, Instincts

Sonia Greteman 11.09.12 Aviation Media Coverage Technology Web

For better or worse, the 2012 U.S. election is in the books. Whether you favored one candidate or were simply an interested observer, the one sure thing is that you weren’t certain of the outcome until the actual returns rolled in.

The predictions were all over the board. Mitt Romney supporters, including such luminaries as Karl Rove, cited reputable pollsters who predicted his victory – some going so far as to forecast a landslide. Obama supporters, likewise. And we’re not talking in-house Republican or Democratic polling. (more…)


One Billion Smartphones: A Number Too Big to Ignore

Robert Tolley 10.24.12 Mobile News Technology Web

A little over four months ago, we launched our new responsive design website. It was a good move. It’s led to more mobile traffic. Analytics tell the story.

In September 2010, 4% of total visits were from mobile devices. One year later, the number had doubled to 8%. By September 2012, it had risen to 11%. In addition to increasing the number of visits, we saw a 50% rise in the time spent on the site between 2010 and 2011, and an astonishing 100% increase between 2010 and 2012. (more…)


Make Sure Your Website Doesn’t Become an Old Bachelor Farmer

Ashley Bowen Cook 09.25.12 Technology Web

Lets say for a second your website is perfect. Now imagine that your website sits on a high dusty shelf in an empty building that no one knows about. Why? Because you haven’t done any marketing to promote it. Being perfect doesn’t seem all that important anymore, does it? (more…)


Website Golden Rule: Be Nice to Google

Seth Duncan 09.18.12 Technology Web

Your website needs to buddy up with Google. And, like most friends, the more you make Google happy, the more it will do for you. Like introducing your site to – well, pretty much everyone. More specifically, and more importantly, Google can provide introductions to all the right people. (more…)


Leverage the Art of Listening

Ashley Bowen Cook 09.13.12 Technology Web

We all love to talk about our businesses and the products or services we offer. But what happens when we stop talking and start listening? Companies that truly listen to their customers are more likely to build trusted and meaningful relationships with them. It’s been estimated that a single negative tweet or Facebook post can cost a company upwards of 30 customers. The good news, in a June 2012 survey conducted by Belgium-based InSites Consulting, 61 percent of companies are listening to what is said by consumers about their brand via social media sites and, even better, 54 percent actively participate in online conversations with their consumers. (more…)


Analytics Add Up to Big Success

Seth Duncan 09.11.12 Technology Uncategorized Web

Analytics involves crunching numbers. Lots of numbers. And looking at endless pie charts. This sort of thing may make your eyes glaze over, but it’s vital to your website’s success. Because if you don’t know who’s coming to your site and what they’re doing while they’re there, you can’t make your site better. So bring out your inner geek and get to work. Or find a geek you trust to review and interpret for you. (more…)


Your Website has to Look Like it Means Business

Chaney Kimball 09.04.12 Technology Web

OK, let’s admit it. Looks matter. It’s just the way it is. People are more willing to check out your website and are more likely to find it credible if looks like some thought went into how it looks. We know, we know – a couple of weeks ago we were all preachy about content. Well, truth is, you gotta have both.

So if you’re not taking care with your visual presentation, you might as well be sending that great content out into the world with brown pants and black shoes. And just see where that gets you. (more…)


Help Your Customers: Make Your Site Accessible

Chaney Kimball 08.28.12 Technology Web

As we get older, we marvel (grouse, carp) at how the type on websites keeps getting smaller. Until we realize that it’s just us. Getting older. But with age comes wisdom, because we appreciate the importance of accessibility. Being aware that some visitors have difficulty viewing and interacting with your site helps you create something that allows everyone to participate. (more…)


Dysfunctional Website: Bad for Your Business Family

Todd Gimlin 08.21.12 Technology Web

Websites used to carry this sort of disclaimer: “Best viewed with so and so browser.” No longer. Because that’s discrimination. And that’s just wrong. Truth is, people are spoiled. They expect your site to work, regardless of how or where they’re viewing it. They’re just demanding that way. (more…)


Users as Columbus: Using Good Navigation to Explore Whole New Worlds

Todd Gimlin 08.14.12 Technology Web

We’ve all been there. You’re on a website looking for store hours and instead pull up photos of the CEO’s dog. All because the navigation was confusing and misleading. Unfortunately, there’s no Siri or GPS to tell visitors how to get where they want to go. It’s your job to provide navigation that makes sense to them and makes things easy to find.