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Beyond Vine, Live Video Today

01.12.17 • Jordan Walker

Bye-bye, Vine. The world of real-time, self-publishing continues to evolve. Next Tuesday, Jan. 17, Twitter’s once-loved, six-second, video-looping app goes the way of the dinosaur. Launched in 2012, it’s being wiped from existence as we know it. But this time not by a meteor or climate change. By ever-better, social video-sharing services. Top competitors in...

Free to Bee

12.06.16 • Greteman Group

You know us creative types. We find inspiration all around. Nature stimulates us. The budding sunburst of spring’s first daffodil. The glorious blooms of a June rose. The autumn blaze of sunset Rudbeckia. These things just don’t happen. It takes a helping hand – or wings. (And you know how an aviation marketing firm feels...

A Blast Call for all and a media thank you

09.30.16 • Carol Farrow

It’s been just over a week since the Kansas State Fair wrapped up. And wowza what a wild ride! It was my first year as Greteman Group brand manager for the state’s largest event. And I loved every minute of it. A #blastcall, you might say. Seeing such a large event come together can be...

We Bow to The King: Remembering Arnold Palmer

09.27.16 • Ashley Bowen Cook

The world mourns a great man this week with the passing of The King. Lovers of golf rightly revere Arnold Palmer for what he did for the game. Making it not just a pastime for the elite but a sport where talent reigned. When he played, millions watched. It didn’t matter that he was the...

Deploying Creative Across Multiple Platforms

09.06.16 • Stephanie Stover

Let that campaign sing A strong bass drum is the booming and resounding beat of a marching band’s foundation. But unless balanced by a blast of brass and chorus of woodwinds, all that glorious cadence falls flat. Rhythm and melody must be in sync. It’s the same with your marketing. You’ve got a campaign and...

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