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Check out our latest blog posts, enews, media coverage and regular AltitudeAttitude column in BlueSky Business Aviation News. Something’s always cooking. Whether we’re sharing insights on a recent aviation trade show, unveiling a creative campaign or offering marketing how-to’s, we hope you’ll find news you can use.


How Does Your Website Score?

12.07.16 • Jordan Walker

As you wade through all that obligatory end-of-year budgeting, no doubt you’re giving extra thought to your website and its increasingly vital role. Help’s arrived. Our agency’s created a free online tool that lets you score your site on five key areas: search-engine optimization (SEO), analytics, content, functionality and digital marketing. You can access it...

Activate Your Website Analytics

11.30.16 • Jordan Walker

You sell a product. You have audiences to target. You want to know if you’re effectively reaching them and to validate that online marketing will accomplish your goals. You need a tool to help. The good news is you probably already have the means, you’re just not activating it to its fullest potential. That magic...


Advertising in an Ad-Blocking Environment

11.04.15 • Jordan Walker

Online advertising began as a dream mechanism to track and measure the effectiveness of a campaign. It filled in where other media failed to tell the full story. Publishers boasted their ability to provide premiere placement and high impression counts while advertisers sold based on the ability to track return on investment from ad view...

Renew Kansas

Give Your Brand a Fresh Start

07.28.15 • Sonia Greteman

It takes courage to ditch the old and begin again. But that’s just what the Kansas Association of Ethanol Processors did with its brand. The board of directors realized it needed a better outreach platform for its various initiatives – which get technical quick, face entrenched opposition from Big Oil and may someday include biofuels...

GLMV-Home page

GLMV Architecture

06.24.15 • Deanna Harms

A responsive full-width website for a dynamic user experience Architects realize their clients’ dreams through steel and brick, concrete and stone. To convey that expertise to potential clients – anytime, anywhere – their digital outreach better be up to the task. We worked with a respected, industry leader – GLMV Architecture – to build a...

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