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Eisenhower National Airport Selects Greteman Group as Agency of Record

03.01.16 • Greteman Group • Advertising, Aviation, Creative, Marketing, News, Work

Today, the Wichita City Council unanimously voted (7-0) to approve Greteman Group as marketing agency of record for the Wichita Dwight D. Eisenhower National Airport. The agency was one of five who responded to the airport’s request for proposal. The one-year contract includes up to four one-year extensions. Greteman Group will be responsible for strategic...

Grammar Thugs Thou Shall Not Split Infinitives

You’re Wrong, Grammar Thug. Get Over It.

02.17.16 • Randy Bradbury • Advertising, Creative, Marketing, Public Relations

I hate to break it to you so bluntly, but sometimes harsh truth is best. Some of the things you know to be true about English and grammar aren’t. True. It’s OK. We all harbor cherished beliefs that go back to grammar school (sorry) or to an early writing mentor. We lie in wait as...

Discovery Process with Agency

Tap Into Planning’s Power

02.09.16 • Sonia Greteman • Advertising, Creative, Marketing

Something good happens when you bring people together. When you dedicate time to focus on your brand, objectives and concerns. When you talk face to face. You learn where visions align – and, perhaps even more importantly, where they diverge. Sometimes big time. You hash out these differences and, hopefully, gain understanding and the consensus...

Greteman Group Brand Cinemagraph

Cinemagraphs Are a Visual Showstopper

01.19.16 • Jordan Walker • Advertising, Creative, Digital

We all like to look at photos and videos that are pretty, stimulating, interesting or emotionally moving. This is even more true online, where our quick clicks into the digital matrix overwhelm us with ads, videos, animations and rotating image libraries. The repetitive nature of stock images and videos invite us to ignore them over...

Wings in the Wind Holiday Greeting

Greteman Group Restores Wings in the Wind With Holiday Outreach

12.17.15 • Greteman Group • Aviation, Creative, Culture, Marketing, News, Work

Greteman Group wishes its clients a new year distinguished by free, unfettered flight. And clients can’t miss the message. They’re calling and emailing to say they didn’t have any trouble spotting the agency’s holiday greetings this year. The padded, oversize sky-blue and white envelope stood out from other festive mail delivered to their desks. Beautiful...

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