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Mobile Marketing Guidelines Streamline On-the-Go Advertising

Shelley Downs 02.17.12 Advertising Creative Mobile Social Media Technology

Mobile marketers rejoice: Industry leaders have finalized guidelines to make on-the-go advertising more streamlined for advertisers, online networks and agencies alike. (more…)


Make Your Email Marketing Campaigns Better By Making Them Smaller

Todd Gimlin 02.07.12 Advertising Creative Social Media


Highly targeted email helped fill every seat at Bombardier's last Safety Standdown.

Effective Email Marketing

Email marketing has always seemed to be the redheaded stepchild of the Internet. Its reputation isn’t surprising, given the infuriating amount of spam and phishing schemes we’re subjected to every day. But despite this, email marketing’s benefits make it a vital part of your total marketing budget. Its main strength lies in its role as a permission-based medium. Because email marketing can only to be sent legally to those that opt-in to receive it, you can safely assume that everyone seeing your message already has an interest in your product or service. Coupled with the fact that it’s inexpensive to get started, email marketing can lead to a higher ROI than other marketing channels. (more…)


Face Time + Loyalty Programs + Shows = Big Time Rewards

Ashley Bowen Cook 01.26.12 Advertising Art Aviation Creative News

Signature TailWins logo.

Signature Flight Support brought it all together at the recent NBAA Schedulers & Dispatchers Conference in San Diego. It launched a groundbreaking loyalty program and an aviation card that complements and builds upon Signature’s already-strong, values-added program, Signature Status. (more…)


Downtown Unveils Its New Final Friday Logo

Sonia Greteman 01.19.12 Art Creative News

Final Friday just took a big leap forward. This highly popular monthly art crawl has had everything going for it – but a strong identity. You can now check that off the list.

The Greteman Group-designed logo made its first public appearance in today’s Wichita Eagle.  Tomorrow an event hosted by the Wichita Downtown Development Corporation will celebrate the new energy and promotions planned for this event –  which currently attracts about 4,000 people a month. (more…)


Rainbows United’s Fashion Passion: A Night of Glam, A Year of Love

Sonia Greteman 01.12.12 Advertising Aviation Creative

An update and thank you from Rainbows United recently came across my desk. It announced that the nonprofit’s 8th-annual Fashion Passion fundraiser drew a record attendance – and funds. The runway show and auction – appropriately titled “Runway” – sold out more than a month in advance and generated $190,000 in revenue, a 21 percent higher return. (more…)


Make Sure Video’s Part of Your Marketing Mix

Ashley Bowen Cook 12.13.11 Advertising Art Aviation Creative Technology Web

Full disclosure. Growing up with an aviation photographer for a dad influences my belief in the power of visual storytelling. That said, the facts are also on my side.

The Wharton School of Business reports that quality video can increase retention up to 50 percent over print and accelerates buying decisions by as much as 72 percent. Forrester Research predicts a 70+ percent growth in online video advertising next year.

So, my question to you, what are your plans for video in 2012? If you’re still in the planning phase, here are some examples to prime the creative pump. (more…)


Make the Most of Branded Apparel and Specialty Items

Sonia Greteman 12.05.11 Advertising Creative

I received a T-shirt at a recent fundraiser. Smart, I thought. What a nice, useful thank you for my donation. More important, it gave me a way to further the cause. Wear the T-shirt the next time I went to the gym and chat up the event when I got the inevitable question. And, honestly, I would have. The color was good. The design was nice. But the size appeared to be XXXL and the neckline was humongous. Not crew. Not v-neck. But a deep, wide scoop. A man couldn’t wear it. And most woman wouldn’t want to.

So, what I’d like to say is if you’re developing a branded piece of clothing or a specialty item – sweat the details. Do all you can in the hopes the recipient will use it – and love it. (more…)


10 Surefire Ways to Get the Most From Your Agency – and Also Be the Perfect Client

Deanna Harms 12.01.11 Advertising Creative

We do a lot of thinking about new business and what we look for in a new client. Which makes us think that current and prospective clients probably give equal thought to what they’d ideally like in an agency.

We’ll show you our list if you show us yours. (more…)


Wichita Air Capital of the World

Sonia Greteman 09.16.11 Aviation Creative

Something special happened at the National Center for Aviation Training last night. Even more than the premiere of The Aviators Season 2. Our community took a big step toward reclaiming its rightful place in the aviation pantheon.

The Wichita Aero Club and other aviation enthusiasts came together for an unveiling of the new Wichita Air Capital of the World logo and campaign. They roll out to the full community in The Wichita Eagle this Sunday – along with a feature on our aviation heritage. (more…)


Milton on my Mind

Sonia Greteman 08.30.11 Advertising Art Aviation Creative

In 1982 I attended the Aspen International Design conference with a small cadre of WSU professors and students, and we all stayed in a big house. To my delight I arrived only to discover that one of my housemates was none other than the famous designer and my hero, Milton Glaser. For me it was like meeting John Lennon, or Frida Kahlo. WOW. My eyeballs about popped out of my head when I spotted this icon of design.  Of course, I’d studied his work throughout college, drooled over the infamous Bob Dylan album cover that defined the ’60s psychedelic art style, and had total admiration for this illustrator/designer/thinking man. Being the shy demure art student, I ended up sitting smack dab next to him at dinner. I wanted more insight into the man and he did not disappoint with his charisma and verbal dexterity. He could turn a phrase, help you see the truth, and share his passion. I was mesmerized by his stories about creating the “I  New York” ad campaign, and never receiving one dime of profit. Can you imagine how much he would be worth if he had retained reproduction rights to the most famous, long-lived campaign of all time? (more…)