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Your Message Is Important, So Tweet it Right

02.24.15 • Ashley Bowen Cook • Aviation, Digital, Social

In general, the aviation community makes less use of social media than other groups. But just one quick search through Twitter, Facebook or Instagram demonstrates a healthy and ongoing online aviation conversation. For those who haven’t paid much attention, Twitter might seem like just a place where people gossip about their personal trivia: where they...


Answers to Five Top Digital Aviation Marketing Questions

02.10.15 • Sarah Goertz • Aviation, Digital, Marketing

What is one of the biggest challenges you’re seeing in digital when it comes to aviation marketing? Aviation marketers with international audiences often find it difficult to accurately target their online promotions. When running a campaign designed for Latin America it might not make sense to announce a region-specific incentive on your corporate website for...


Signature TailWins: A Bold Rebranding and a Mobile-Friendly UX

02.05.15 • Ashley Bowen Cook • Aviation, Creative, Digital

Everybody loves a little reward now and then. Pilots are no exception. Signature Flight Support® revamped its Signature TailWins® program, which provides valuable incentives for flight crews who use the company’s global FBO network. This required more than just a fresh color palette. The goal was to make the program easy to use, and effortless...

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 3.03.14 PM

Business as Usual Is a Missed Opportunity

01.28.15 • Sarah Goertz • Aviation, Digital, Marketing

Tried-and-true business methods built strong aviation companies with long histories of success. Quality products, exceptional service, integrity and reputation kept customers coming back. Members of the old guard have continued to hold fast to those four pillars, but is it enough for the next generation of research-driven, online buyers? The answer is, probably not. Every...


Blow Through Burnout

01.21.15 • Ashley Bowen Cook • Aviation

I shouldn’t get the seven-year itch until the 2016 Wichita Aero Club Gala, but I confess. It hit me as planning for the sixth-annual gala ramped up. I’ve served as co-chair since the first gala in 2009. It continues to be a labor of love – elevating the aviation industry in general and the Air...

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