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People Make It Fly

People Make It Fly

01.27.16 • Ashley Bowen Cook • Aviation, Culture, Marketing

It’s easy to be dazzled by hardware and technology. But the seventh annual Wichita Aero Club gala reminded me that people make aviation fly. Judging by all the standing ovations throughout the night, I was not alone. The evening honors diamonds. People who are not just brilliant – but resilient. Who cut through obstacles. And...

B2B Buying Cycle Graphic

Back to B2B Buying-Cycle Basics

01.13.16 • Deanna Harms • Advertising, Aviation, Marketing

Every business needs a steady, dependable customer-pipeline flow. Whether you’re introducing a new aircraft or delivering a tried-and-true service, consider the interim stage your customers and prospects are in. And think about what you’re doing to advance them to the next stage. Create a seamless experience. Particularly in B2B, you may need to nurture prospects...

Wings in the Wind Holiday Greeting

Greteman Group Restores Wings in the Wind With Holiday Outreach

12.17.15 • Greteman Group • Aviation, Creative, Culture, Marketing, News, Work

Greteman Group wishes its clients a new year distinguished by free, unfettered flight. And clients can’t miss the message. They’re calling and emailing to say they didn’t have any trouble spotting the agency’s holiday greetings this year. The padded, oversize sky-blue and white envelope stood out from other festive mail delivered to their desks. Beautiful...

Wings in the Wind Holiday Greeting

Wings in the Wind

12.17.15 • Greteman Group • Aviation, Creative, Culture, Marketing, Social, Work

We’re wishing our clients a new year distinguished by free, unfettered flight. We’ve mailed ready-to-color, original-illustration, owl and eagle masks plus a large set of colored pencils. The masks do more than reinforce Greteman Group’s market niche – aviation marketing. They also communicate our nonprofit holiday giving: the Eagle Valley Raptor Center, which helps injured raptors...

Clay with Model Plane

Launch the Next Great Pilot

12.16.15 • Ashley Bowen Cook • Aviation, Marketing

Never underestimate your power to influence. As the aviation industry struggles to encourage more people to consider the left seat as a professional power position, we’d be wise to consider the lessons learned by those who’ve built illustrious careers that soar well above the ground. The December Wichita Aero Club “Great Pilots” panel, moderated by...

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