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Leading The Wings Club and the Industry

03.28.12 • Sonia Greteman

Tonight, two of our agency’s favorite and most revered aviation clients pass the mantle. One steps down as president of The Wings Club, another steps up.

For the past year USAIG President Dave McKay has led the historic club, building upon the excellence for which the club is known. This evening, FlightSafety International President Bruce Whitman assumes the role.

The world’s largest private clubhouse – the Yale Club in midtown Manhattan – hosts the annual banquet of this prestigious group. Aviation leaders from the States and abroad will attend.

To Mr. McKay, we extend our congratulations for a job well done. And to Mr. Whitman, best wishes for the accomplishments we know lie ahead.

The Wings Club has been in good hands. It remains in an equally strong, capable grasp. Here from our perch in Wichita, the Air Capital, we will watch with no small measure of pride as this 70th anniversary year unfolds.

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